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For press contact, please contact Mette Fruensgaard.

You are also very welcome to send an e-mail to Mette Fruensgaard if you wish to be added to our press list.   

Mette Fruensgaard
+45 2258 2105

Press kit

Our press kit consists of Otiom’s and Acubit’s logos, renderings of Otiom, graphic guides along with different images. Download our press kit here.


Here you will find facts about the localization device Otiom and about Acubit, which is the company that is behind Otiom.:

About Otiom

Otiom is a localization device that is developed to secure freedom for people with dementia and create safety for relatives and caretakers. This gives people with dementia the freedom to move and the right to be found if it necessary. Apart from this, Otiom only localizes when it is necessary, which means that it isn’t a constant surveillance of people with dementia.
Otiom secures a quick and precise localization of people with dementia down to 1 meter both indoor and outdoor in basements and on different floor levels. This makes it possible to find people, no matter where they are.

About Acubit

Acubit is the company behind the product Otiom. Acubit was founded on 1 October 2016. With headquarters in Aalborg, Acubit develops technology that creates new standards for localization of things and humans. The localization technologies run on NB-IoT (Narrowband-Internet of Things), that secures a simple and efficient localization. Acubit marks an extensive change in the area, because Acubit’s localization technology in contrast to GPS-technology, only localizes when it is necessary. At the same time, IoT makes it possible to make very precise localizations, down to 1 meter, both indoor and outdoor and on specific floor levels and in basements. You can read more about Acubit on