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Personal settings

It is possible to adjust Otiom to the individual needs. Because of this, you can choose:

  • Safe level
  • Geographical safe zone
  • Who needs to be added as helpers

There are six different safe levels, which are based on predefined timeframes and/ or geographical areas. You always have the opportunity to change the settings and add helpers.

Otiom app personlige indstillinger
Easy and precise localization

It is possible to an Otiom-user’s route when the Otiom goes in to alarm mode. Here, the helpers can see the route that the person has gone. It is also possible to have different directions shown in Google Maps, so it is possible to find the person as quickly as possible. When you get closer to the person with dementia, a proximity sensor shows up on screen, which indicates if you are getting closer or further away from an Otiom-user.

Otiom app localization

Get started with the Otiom-app

When you have purchased your Otiom, you will get a login and a password for the Otiom-app by e-mail. You can after this create an Otiom-user and connect your Otiom med the Otiom-app. You will receive an e-mail when it is possible to download Otiom-app. When you receive your Otiom, there will be a guide on how you can easily get started using Otiom.

You can order Otiom here.

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