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Tracking device
for people with dementia
Read more about how Otiom can protect the people you care about.
Otiom brik

Safe localization of persons with dementia

Otiom is a device that makes it possible to localize persons with dementia, when it is necessary. All settings are made through the Otiom app, so the person with dementia only carries the Otiom device. You can read more about the Otiom app here. It makes it possible for family members or relatives to control all of the settings and add helpers, who will be notified when the person with dementia needs help to be found. The settings, which are necessary, include the safe level, a geographic safe zone that the person with dementia can safely move within, and creating a helper list and adding people to it.

Precise localization indoor and outdoor

With Otiom, persons with dementia can be found, if they leave their safe zone or does not return home within the set time frame. The safe zone is personally adjusted and can for example be the usual walk in the neighbourhood, where you live or your garden. In this way, the person with dementia gets the opportunity to be active and do their daily activities, like going for walks, go shopping and visit family and relatives, without being monitored, but with the knowledge that they can always be helped if they need it. This creates a great feeling of safety for both the person with dementia and the relatives. Because Otiom uses the network called NB-IoT (Narrow Band – Internet of Things), which has many more abilities than traditional GPS trackers, Otiom can localize very precisely in all types of areas. This means that Otiom can localize down to 1-meter precision both indoor and outdoor, in forest areas, in concrete basements and on different floor levels. This increases the safety significantly and can decrease the use of time that is spent looking for a person with dementia, both when you don’t know where the person is in the home, and when they have moved outside of the home.

Otiom starter kit 

You will receive a starter kit shortly after you have purchased your Otiom. The kit will contain one Otiom device, one Otiom base, one clip, one safety cord and one wireless charger. You will also receive an e-mail containing your username and password for the Otiom app. We recommend that you change the password for your profile on this website immediately.

The Otiom device is what the person with dementia carries with them. The Otiom device is convex and measures 5 cm in diameter, 1 cm in height at its highest point, and weighs 36 grammes (about the same as two house keys). There are no lights, buttons or other distractions on the device.

The starter kit includes one safety cord and one clip. The clip is attached to the back of the device by clicking it into the holes at the edges, so that you can clip the device onto a belt, trouser waistband or wherever suits you. The device can be worn around the neck using the safety cord, for example. You can also attach the device to a keyring or sew it into a jacket. We recommend that you think about which option best suits your needs - perhaps the best thing for you would be to put it on a keyring.

The Otiom base is a small box that stays in the home. The base has a diameter of 6 cm, is 2.5 cm high and weighs 27 grammes. The base is to be set up somewhere central in the home. Its purpose is to tell the device when it’s home. If you move, simply position the base somewhere central in your new home, and remember to change your location on the app.

Otiom comes with a wireless charger. The charger is a round plate which the device is placed on, in the middle, when it needs to be charged. The App will notify you when the device needs to be charged. 
You can also find a step-by-step guide on how to start using Otiom and how to set up the functions on the app.

You can order your Otiom starter kit here

Otiom brik med klips Otiom base


  • Localizes with a 1-meter precision, both indoor and outdoor, in basements and on different floor levels
  • Battery life depends on individual use of safe levels
  • Intelligent battery that always has enough power always handle an alarm
  • Can withstand machine washing up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Can be attached to a belt, in a string around the neck or in a keyring
  • Personal geographic safe zone
  • Logic and intuitive use via an app for smartphones and tablets
  • Only localizes when it is necessary
  • Option of individual settings
  • Easy to add more helpers
  • Possible to add more Otioms per user
  • Does not need local infrastructure
  • Needs little work

Otiom is developed in collaboration with
care personnel and persons with dementia,
to have ethics and the user in focus.

Fordele ved Otiom

Fast and precise

Ensures a quick and accurate location down to 1 m
both inside and out, in basements and on floor levels.

Secure units

The battery can always handle an alarm situation,
and can withstand machine washing up to 60 degrees.

User friendly and intuitive

From the app you set the Otiom as needed.
The app requires few and simple workflows.

Together we help create
Freedom to move