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Tracking device
for people with dementia.

Otiom’s greatest purpose is to make it possible – precisely and quickly – to localize persons with dementia, to guarantee safety in an emergency. Otiom creates safety in the everyday life, for both people with dementia and their relatives. In contrast to typical GPS trackers, Otiom does not perform surveillance constantly. Therfore, Otiom only localizes when it is necessary. In this way, it is possible to move freely without being tracked, but with the right to be found if it is necessary.

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The future of dementia

Otiom is developed as a part of a private and public project between the company Acubit, municipalities, educational institutions and interest groups within dementia. The collaboration was started to create a localization device that is tailor-made to the needs that persons with dementia has, with the main focus being on precision, safety and usability.

We focus on action in the early stage of the situation that turns the world upside down for the both the person who gets dementia and the relatives. With Otiom, it is possible to secure freedom for the user, meanwhile their family stays calm on an everyday basis.

Easy localization and individual safe zone

Otiom secures a quick and precise localization for persons with dementia. It is possible to create an individual safe zone, which is based on a specific geographic area and set personal time frames for how long the user is outside the home.   

All settings are made through the Otiom-app, so that the only thing the person with dementia need to do is to carry their Otiom.  

We believe that Otiom can create a feeling of safety,
because the system is developed in close collaboration
with care staff and relatives who work together
to provide care for the person with dementia.
Anni G. Walther – Chairman of the DaneAge Association Aalborg
A dream scenarium

Every year, more than 1000 Danes with dementia leave their homes without being able to find their way back home. In an ambitious collaboration with Aalborg University, municipalities in northern Jutland and the DaneAge Association Aalborg, we have developed a product to solve this problem.

Our collaboration had one dream scenario: A person with dementia needs to be able to move freely, both outdoors and indoors, without worries about getting lost. The solution must be able to be used throughout the entire course of the illness, no matter if the person with dementia is at home or at a nursing home. Furthermore, the product must be waterproof, easy to use, have a long battery life and can be set to a personal geographical area.

The dream scenario has come true. Acubit has developed the localization product Otiom, which lives up to all the criteria that was set. Otiom is a small device, with a design that is based around it being nice to touch. Otiom solves a long range of challenges that exists today.

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Fordele ved Otiom

Fast and precise

Ensures a quick and accurate location down to 1 m
both inside and out, in basements and on floor levels.

Secure units

The battery can always handle an alarm situation,
and can withstand machine washing up to 60 degrees.

Read more about Otiom here
User friendly and intuitive

From the app you set the Otiom as needed.
The app requires few and simple workflows.

Together we help create
freedom and security